21 Grams 
Identity is not fixed, and it is constantly changing. Sometimes it can be frightening to discover that most of the time it is not in line with the prevailing norms. Again and again we are confronted with different expectations and influences of the outside world, which is telling us how to behave. Self-determination and the search for identity are defining features of my photographic work. Since this is a vast topic, I am concentrating on the search for identity of today‘s young generation, with a focus on LGBTQIA+ culture. I explore gender issues, sexuality and different approaches to love, friendship and relationships. The core of my work consists of encounters with a range of young people, often couples, from different cultural and social backgrounds. Predominantly, these are people who do not identify with the prevailing norms and who lead self-determined lives that vary widely with regard to their experience, inclinations and perceptions.
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